The BTIA a broad-based tourism umbrella organization that seeks to bring together tourism related interests to meet the challenges of a dynamic and growing tourism industry in Belize.

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June 2022

BTIA recently participated in the World Oceans Day Expo which was held at the Buttonwood Bay Park in Belize City. The association was represented at this event by Renae Martinez and Abdiel Dominguez. The objective of the Expo was to highlight local entrepreneurs who work with products from our marine resources to promote alternative livelihoods and sustainability. In addition, various stakeholders who work in the protection, conservation and management of our protected areas and marine environment were on hand to provide

The Chocolate Festival of Belize was held in May and featured two main events: the signature Wine and Chocolate Gala and the Taste of Toledo Street fair. The Wine and Chocolate Gala took place on Friday, May 20 at the Punta Gorda Welcome Plaza and provided guests with the opportunity to sample an assortment of Belizean chocolates and enjoy food, drinks and entertainment. The gala was well executed and, from the smiles on the faces of the attendees, it was

There is no shortage of good news in the tourism industry and I’d like to share some of it with our BTIA members. Visitor arrivals are gradually returning to 2019 levels and individual visitor spending has increased significantly over pre-pandemic levels. Part of the reason is the much discussed “pent up demand for travel” as well as the general increase in upscale accommodations and more exotic activities. This means that even with fewer tourists more money is being spent on