The BTIA a broad-based tourism umbrella organization that seeks to bring together tourism related interests to meet the challenges of a dynamic and growing tourism industry in Belize.

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Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

Does BTIA offer training opportunities?

Yes. BTIA is mandated to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of Belize’s tourism industry and training allows the association to meet that goal. Over the years BTIA has offered a wide range of training opportunities such as customer service, hospitality management, waiting staff training, housekeeping training, food preparation training, bar tending training, social media marketing training and culinary training. As the industry continues to evolve so will the training opportunities that are provided by the BTIA, allowing those working in the tourism sector to remain knowledgeable and competitive. BTIA’s training courses are usually provided to our members either free or at significantly discounted rates.

What signature events are hosted by the BTIA?

Festivals are BTIA’s signature events for varied reasons.

These events:

  • Bring both local and international tourist to specific destinations, thereby increasing traffic to these areas.
  • Contribute to the cultural and economic development of the area.
  • Allow tourists to interact with locals and enjoy an authentic Belizean experience.

Our yearly list of festivals includes but is not limited to Lobster Fest, Belize Birding

Festival, Mango festival, Coconut Fest and the Chocolate Festival of Belize.

Where is the BTIA's main office located?

BTIA’s Main office is located at # 10 Taiwan Street, Belize City (near the Memorial Park).

Do BTIA members automatically become members of the Belize Hotel Association (BHA)?

The BTIA and BHA membership are separate. The Belize Hotel Association is a non-profit, non-government organization which membership is mostly comprised of hotel accommodations. It is a partner of the BTIA and has a vote within the BTIA board.

How many members does the BTIA represent?

The BTIA membership is comprised of over 200 members which include hotels, tour operators, tour guides, car rentals, spas, gift shops, banks and other stakeholders within the tourism sector.

What are the membership options and benefits?

To find out more about our membership options and benefits visit our membership page here.

What is the difference between the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) and Belize Tourism Board (BTB)?

The BTIA is Belize’s largest tourism association which acts as an umbrella organization for the tourism industry’s private sector. BTIA’s main strategic objective is to advocate on behalf of its members for the benefit of the tourism industry by influencing the outcomes of public policy and resource allocation decisions by the government, specifically for tourism. Other key areas of focus are training and marketing opportunities. The Belize Tourism Board is a statutory body within the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations that functions as a strategic partner between government and the private sector to develop, market and implement tourism programs that fulfil the emerging needs of our local industries and international tourism marketplace for the benefit of Belize.