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#SICCS Tourism Quality Workshop- July 7, 2021

Do you know what #SICCS is? #SICCS is a quality certification that guarantees the quality of tourist services in companies in Central America. Find out more at: Inicio – Siccs (calidadcentroamerica.com).

The Secretariat of Central American Tourism Integration (#SICCS) will be hosting a 3-hour Tourism Quality Workshop on July 7th, 2021, via Zoom.

  • This workshop will cover:
    • Three masterclass talks on tourism innovation,
    • promotion of destinations and the role played by tourism quality and certifications in each of these axes.

Program Details

  • Opening remarks of the workshop.
    His Excellency Mr. Mynor Cordón, Minister of Tourism of Guatemala.
  • Benefits of the tourism quality certification of companies for the impulse and promotion of destinations.
    Ing. Juan Meza, SICCS Central Representative..
  • Importance of quality and tourism certification for business competitiveness in Central America.
    Certified Central American Company (TBA).
  • Innovation in quality and tourism certification.
    Juan Miguel Moreno Magaña – Moreturismo Internacional.
  • Workshop: What is the SICCS and how to apply? Advances and benefits of SICCS tourism certification in Central America: country case.
    Delegates from Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
  • Closing words of the workshop.
    Ms. Aguilar – Executive Secretary of the Central American Tourism Integration Secretariat (SITCA).

If your company is already #SICCS upon registering, you must provide:

  1. At least 10 photographs of your business, thematic:
    1. Car rental theme: about the cars, or the cars in the different places, the rental site and the workers posing next to the cars.
    2. Active sport: photographs of the guides, monitors in a cheerful / fun way. Also of people carrying out the activities and the place where the services are contracted.
    3. Hospitality: photographs of the meals, the interior and exterior premises, of smiling workers.
    4. Hotels: Photos of common places, rooms, workers.
    5. Tour operators: Photos of the country, photos of the work team and the establishments.
  2. Video your business.
    1. Video recorded horizontally (if it is recorded with a smartphone, always with the rear camera), so that as far as possible you can also see where you are.
    2. At the same time with the best possible sound, avoiding too much noise or being too far from the camera.
    3. Maximum quality, either with a professional or semi-professional camera or with a mobile phone at the highest possible quality.
    4. If the quality is high, it would be great to use a wetransfer or any other shipping platform for shipping.
  3. Video Theme.
    1. A mix between the business and how SICCs have helped you from the style:
      1. I am “NAME” from the restaurant “NAME”, we have been part of SICCS for XXXX. SICCS has helped us to improve, etc. Our business is based on xxx, xxx, xxx… with experience in xxx, xxx, xxx ”..
      2. Option. If they are capable, some video images of the premises can also be recorded, which could substitute the images for the video.