The BTIA a broad-based tourism umbrella organization that seeks to bring together tourism related interests to meet the challenges of a dynamic and growing tourism industry in Belize.

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May 2021

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has issued the most recent update on traveler entry requirements for Belize. In this update, dated May 11, 2021, the removal of the requirement for the Belize Travel Health app prior to arrival in Belize has been announced. For more information kindly visit the Belize Tourism Board’s website at Belize COVID-19 Update | BTB (belizetourismboard.org)

Dear BTIA Members: In communicating with our membership on a roughly monthly basis, I usually begin with a general introduction, update the latest happenings in the industry, and finish with what I judge to be an important core message. Today, however, I would like to cut to the chase with the core message upfront. GET VACCINATED! NOW! GET YOUR EMPLOYEES VACCINATED! NOW! GET YOUR COLLEAGUES VACCINATED! NOW! GET YOUR FAMILY VACCINATED! NOW! GET YOUR FRIENDS VACCINATED! NOW! If you want to see the tourism industry—and, by extension,