The BTIA a broad-based tourism umbrella organization that seeks to bring together tourism related interests to meet the challenges of a dynamic and growing tourism industry in Belize.

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October 2021

Dear BTIA Members:   It is with great sadness that we note the death of Sarita Tillett, co-founder of S&L Tours. Sarita and her husband Lascelle were hard working pioneers of our industry at a time when tourism was virtually unknown in Belize. Sarita's attitude was always upbeat no matter what the circumstances. The qualities she exhibited: love of nature, love of country and the authentic way in which she related to visitors and locals alike made her the perfect ambassador for

Dear BTIA Members, Instead of the usual President’s letter I would like to share the words of a stalwart of the tourism industry. Many of you know Tony Rath or at least know his work through his company, Naturalight. Over the last forty years few people have done more to promote the nation’s tourism and conservation of Belize’s natural resources than Tony. In the short essay below—originally posted on Facebook-- he turns his attention to an issue that dwarfs all others