Request for Proposals for the Publishing of Belize’s signature multi-media travel and tourism publication- Destination Belize

Destination Belize Magazine is an annual publication produced by the Belize Tourism Industry Association as the official visitor magazine of Belize.

Section 1:  Organizational Overview

The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) is a national organization whose mission is to serve its members and the tourism industry, by positioning itself as Belize’s national driving force in tourism; achieving product excellence in the global marketplace through international promotions, local networking, education and awareness programs, and membership advocacy for the success of tourism.

The association recognizes a special responsibility to provide leadership in advancing and enhancing the quality of marketing initiatives for its members while respecting the diversity inherent among them and within Belize.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the BTIA also places great value in the work that the Belize Tourism Board, the Belize Hotel Association and individual companies are doing in the area of marketing, and remains committed to ensuring a cohesive marketing effort for Belize.

Section 2: Summary and Publication Impact

BTIA has identified the need for a multi media travel and tourism information publication as its primary tool which the organization can use to advance efforts in marketing its members and the country.  The publication, produced by BTIA, holds great potential for reaching targeted markets and capturing a wider segmented population.

The purpose of this Partnership is to develop and publish such a multimedia product by (1) designing a publication that looks and feels excellent; (2) providing excellent opportunities for advertisers to benefit from placing ads in the publication; (3) enabling destinations in their efforts to assist with their efforts to assist with their marketing of their respective services and products; and (4) assisting the BTIA and other tourism organizations as well as government agencies and the business/financial sectors to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of selling Belize as a travel destination with great potential for business conferences, investments and retirement.

Under the Request for Proposals, BTIA is inviting suitable publishing companies to advance the goals of the Association by serving as contractors to produce and publish the signature BTIA multimedia publication.

This RFP is for the publishing of the BTIA multimedia product for three consecutive years to be published between May 2015 and April 2017. The awards will be made by May 30, 2014.

Section 3: Project Components and Required Deliverables

Each of the Partnerships and associated deliverable are described below. Contractors may submit a proposal to execute the work taking into account all the components included in this RFP.  BTIA requires a total of 50,000 magazines annually, as well as a pre-determined amount to be negotiated by the Belize Tourism Board. Contractors are requested to consider this as a broad parameter while constructing production cost estimates.

1.The production of an annual publication to be named for travel marketing competitiveness

An all-inclusive tourism publication that serves as the official guide to Belize. This comprehensive Belize magazine features major tourism attractions, investment guide, travel guide, conference and other business services, destination features and welcome messages from the Minister of Tourism and the President of the BTIA.  Adverts are sold at an affordable rate for potential advertisers, with members of the BTIA being given and additional advantage for placing an advert in the publication. This publication will be used in-country primarily for hotel rooms and also a small amount will be distributed internationally.

 2. The establishment of an updated online website for the said Belize publication with innovative features called

The age of online bookings and marketing has evolved so much that most travel research and vacation booking are done online. The establishment of a website will ensure that there is updated information online to assist travelers and investors alike with choosing Belize as their preferred vacation or investment destination. This site should incorporate the most recent and innovative web-based programs with a possible online booking engine for travelers. The website will feature the destination editorial contents, adverts and featured attractions that are presented in the Destination Belize publication.

 3. The creation of a digital copy of the magazine that will be used for travel shows and for mailing.

Most travel professionals are reluctant to take away a printed publication at a travel and tourism show.  These agents and wholesalers are presented with much printed information from competing destinations. For this reason, a digital copy will ensure that agents and wholesalers walk away from a Belize booth at an international show with the magazine in hand that is easy to carry and user friendly. It can be mailed around the world for a significantly lower cost than the current printed publication.

4. The creating of a mobile app for the magazine.

The development of a mobile application for the magazine that can be downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms or delivered via a web application using server-side or client side processing.

 5. The annual production of a BTIA Membership Directory

The need to have a directory of tourism services is essential. This directory will be used to distribute to wholesalers and travel agents who plan to or are currently doing business with Belize. It is an easy to use, printed pages directory that list and categorizes all members and membership services of the BTIA. This directory is not a promotional piece however; it should complement the BTIA Belize publication.

Section 4: Qualifications

Publishing Companies responding to this RFP must demonstrate a sustained record of producing quality publications, web-online capabilities; use of innovative information technology in its line of services, have  a strong distribution network, able to work with non-profit organization, and demonstrate some prior knowledge of Belize’s tourism industry as well as regional and global tourism marketing trends.

Section 5: Target Audience

Local and international publishing companies that meet the qualifications listed above in section 4.

Section 6:  Assumptions and Agreements

1. The publications must be produced and delivered in Belize to the BTIA by October 31st of each year, before the year of publication.

2. BTIA shall retain all proprietary rights of as sole owner of the product name and of the publication and the website and all such product named media.

3. BTIA will appoint staff team to work jointly with contractors and advise on details of project completion.

4. The editorial staff of the publisher will work closely with the BTIA Board, National Secretariat and Destination Representatives to develop updated editorial contents for the multimedia publication.

5. All materials developed by the contractor in the production of this multimedia publication are the exclusive property of BTIA, including the information used on the website and all other media.

6. All travel, lodging, meals, postage, shipping, communications, etc., costs are to be absorbed by the publisher. The BTIA will assist the publisher where possible to secure competitive rates for travel, accommodation and meals within Belize.

7. The publisher will absorb all the cost associated with getting two (2) BTIA representatives to the place of work for the publisher, in connection with the final review and approval of all publication materials prior to going to printing.

Section 7: Proposal Instructions

Proposals will be accepted until close of business on May 30, 2014. Applications may be mailed, delivered electronically or hand delivered. No faxed applications will be accepted. Submit three copies of proposal to:

The Belize Tourism Industry Association

10 North Park Street

P.O. Box 62

Belize City, Belize


Attn:  Estela Requena, Executive Director

For more information about the BTIA multimedia publication or specific contract components, please call Estela Requena at (501)227-1144.

Section 8: Proposal Components

1. Cover sheet on your organizational letterhead that includes all relevant contact information for your organization, including but not limited to, the name of the contact person, email and their telephone number and a brief, concise summary of your proposed project.

2. Proposal should include the following:

  • Identification of the project components (s) addressed in the proposal.
  • Methodology/Project activities describing your proposed approach in detail, including a timeframe, technology requirements, and long-term strategies for maintaining the ongoing project.
  • Describe the mechanisms to be used to effectively engage the Belize private sector (including tourism, financial, business and others) in supporting the publication through advertisements.
  • Describe the benefits that your company can offer to the BTIA member both online and in the printed publication.
  • Detail your company’s online capabilities and plans for placing the publication online.
  • Elaborate on the promotional channel(s) your company will utilize to promote the publication and Belize within the North American and international markets.
  • Team responsible for your proposed project (including editors, desktop and graphic designer and sales personnel).
  • Conclusion (present a brief, concise summary of your proposal that states your offer; capabilities and resources that you plan to use on this project.
3. Your organization’s qualifications, including your organization’s background, primary mission and history.
4. Detailed budget for your project including projected analysis, trends and projected revenue stream for BTIA.
5. Appendices (including the following attachments):
  • Sample of your company’s work (periodicals, publication and website)
  • List of clients your company is currently engaged with, or have had past relationship with.
  • Your company’s most recent audited financial data.
  • Biographies of key personnel or resumes.