Dear Members,

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the newest member of our BTIA Secretariat and BTIA Family – Mr. John Burgos, Executive Director.

Mr. Burgos officially started to work on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at the BTIA National office. Our team has already been busy getting up to speed with the business of the Secretariat.  Ms. Talia Tillett continues to serve the Secretariat in her capacity as Membership Officer and Ms. Emerita Tun as the Accounts/ Membership Support Officer.

ED 2015Mr.John Burgos was raised in the beautiful town of Orange Walk, a proud graduate of the University of Belize with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.  He possesses ten years’ experience in the Education Sector and seven years’ experience at management level positions in the Private and Public sector.  He is a sports enthusiast who welcomes travelling experiences within Belize and other countries.

With exposure in both the Private and Public sector, Mr. Burgos has great love, respect and appreciation for the hidden treasures Belize renders to local and international tourists.  He obtained positive experiences in the private sector through work related functions and by meeting and working with individuals who maintain great insight and leadership roles in their respective industry.  He welcomes the opportunity to positively influence the tourism industry by contributing to the goals and objectives of the Belize Tourism Industry Association.

With his recent addition to the team this consolidates the Board of Director’s emphasis on a renewed and revitalized Secretariat that will be taking on a significantly increased and proactive role in servicing our Secretariat obligations to the membership and also meeting the needs and challenges of our members in the various Destinations and Sectors that form part of the BTIA.

 Kindly note that you can reach each of the Secretariat staff members as follows:

John Burgos, Executive Director: execdirector@btia.org

Emerita Tun, Accounts/ Membership Support Officer: accounts@btia.org

Talia Tillett, Membership Officer: membership@btia.org