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Sit and Sip Tours Limited

Sit and Sip Tours Limited
#10 Fort Street
Belize City, Belize
223-2453 / 615-2453
Kiran Mossiah

Pioneering the concept of eco-friendly tour options in Belize, our tour company maintains a strong focus safety, style, comfort and of course – FUN. Our party bikes are the perfect option for those looking to experience the best of Belize City – historical landmarks and its vibrant nightlife. For cruise ship passengers looking to make the most of their day ashore, our short yet incredibly informative sightseeing tour is the perfect choice for your group of family or friends. Stuck in Belize City for a night until you move on to your next destination or here on business? Then make the most of it! Swing by our office, which doubles as a lounge, or hop on our pub crawl to hit up some of the best bars in the city.