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Laughing Toucan Art Center

Laughing Toucan Art Center
P.O. Box 344
San Ignacio
Chuck and Vicky Oldham

Laughing Toucan Art Center features art instruction focused on attractions of Belize ( wildlife and birds, archaeological sites, rainforest, mountain and seaside scenery). Beginner to professional. Class includes all materials and supplies.


Now Presenting: Oil Painting Workshops in Beautiful Cayo, Belize! Art Lessons, Art Supplies, Refreshments, and Fun!

From 12 pm to 3 pm, you’ll experience the fun and excitement of oil painting (even if you’ve never painted in your life!)

Structured Lessons: Learn how to paint, even if you’re a total beginner.
Or Go Unstructured: Already an artist? Spend your time painting anything you wish!

Class includes all materials and supplies: paint on palette, brushes, canvas, easel, etc.

The “Paint by Color” method, incredibly effective for painting realism or for achieving any deliberate effect, no matter what the style.
– Learn about mixing all the colors you’ll ever need from just 7 base pigments. Learn how to blast through perceptual distortions and easily isolate the true colors in your subject.
– Using the techniques shown in the class, you’ll be able to create a painting that may surprise you by how good it is!

Dress casually — if you have an apron, bring it along!

ART CLASS, painting instruction from 12 noon to 3 pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday: $35 USD

CLASS LIMITED TO 6 – Confirmed Reservations taken in the order received.

Please call or email us at to check availability,
Call 501-651-7933 (in Belize), or 928-554-2842 (from the USA). If you would like to pay online to reserve your space, we’ll send you a Paypal invoice for your chosen date, pending availability. In case you need to cancel your reservation, your payment is fully refundable, but please give at least 3 days advance notice so we can include others who want to participate.

Location: Pilgrim Valley, (near Santa Elena in Cayo, between Esperanza Village and Red Creek, just 2-1/4 miles from the Western Highway). In Belize, call 651-7933 for reservations and directions.


  • Laughing Toucan Art Center
  • Laughing Toucan Art Center
  • Laughing Toucan Art Center