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Flavors of Belize

Flavors of Belize
Flavors of Belize
#6 St. John's Street
Belize City, Belize, C.A
Tanya McNab


As Central America’s gateway to the Caribbean, the beautiful beaches of Belize welcomed a fascinating parade of immigrants from remote corners of the globe. When all these cultures came to peacefully co-exist in one small geography, the food was magically infused with a worldly flair! That is what makes Belizean Cuisine so different from any other part of the world.

With over 120 authentic Belizean recipes this cookbook represents the most delectable foods of Belize, many handed down through generations. The cookbook features recipes from over 10 different ethnic groups which reside in our beautiful gem.


Flavors of Belize is Belize’s first comprehensive culinary periodical published annually with sister company McNab Publishing Ltd. It features restaurants, bars and hotspots from all corners of the country, this guide offers travelers an insight to some of the best dining options available in our country. In addition, it also gives us the opportunity to feature some of Belize’s best locally produced products such as beer, rum, chocolate, hot sauces and much more!


The Flavors of Belize cooking show, which was launched in 2013, is one of Belize’s best locally produced television shows and is 100% geared toward sharing our local cuisine with the world. The cooking shows feature the most popular chefs in the cuisine industry in Belize, such as Chef Sean Kuylen (Sean Kuylen Catering), Chef Jennie Staines (Elvi’s Kitchen), along with our resident food blogger – Carolee Chanona also being featured on the show. These episodes are a guide to preparing local recipes with a twist and offers a way to expand your knowledge of the culinary world here in Belize.

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