BTIA Bi-Annual General Meeting Events

27th Anniversary Cocktail

27th Anniversary Cocktail Invitation

2012 is gearing up to become a milestone year for Belize’s Tourism Industry and as such, the Belize Tourism Industry Association has embarked on important strategies, objectives and events, aimed at assisting the enhancement of our organization and its members in this significant year. The work to facilitate tourism’s continued growth remains on going and as we move forward, the association was pleased to host a Disaster Preparedness Workshop, our 27th Anniversary Cocktail and our Bi-Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 27th and Thursday, June 28th.

The workshop began at 8 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m. on Wednesday and featured presentations from the Belize Tourism Board, National Emergency Management Organization, Red Cross Society of Belize and Fire Management Consultant International. It was well attended by personnel from various sectors including hotel managers and security, bankers, insurance representatives, engineers, and the like; all who learnt the basics in disaster preparation, management and assessment. Mr. Phillip L. Queen of Fire Management Consultant International of San Francisco, was the special guest moderator and trainer and had no problems answering the wide range of questions from the audience concerning effectively dealing with natural disasters. At the end of the day, all participants received a certificate assuring their presence and participation at this very informative event.


27th Bi-Annual General Meeting Flyer

Our 27th Anniversary Cocktail was held just a few hours later at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza’s RiverHall room, in honor of our achievements and contributions to the tourism industry as well as to recognize our corporate sponsors. Specially invited guests got to mingle at our “Peacock” themed affair representing our pride, longevity and success and featured presentations from our President: Jim Scott and Executive Director: Efren Perez. To top the night off, we were graced with local cultural presentations depicting the Mayan, Garifuna and Creole heritages.

The Bi-Annual General Meeting was held on June 28th and highlighted the BTIA’s progress throughout the past 6 months. BTIA board members and executives from across the Jewel were on hand for the occasion as well as representatives from both the private and public sector. A very integral part of the event was an important discussion on the new proposed taxation changes within the tourism industry; guest speakers: BTIA President – Mr. Jim Scott, the newly appointed CEO in the Ministry of Tourism – Mrs. Tracy Panton and the Chairman of the Belize Tourism Board – Ian Lizarraga, discussed and answered questions from the audience on the matter. Following the discussion, BTIA Executive Director – Efren Perez, gave a short speech on the BTIA and what it has accomplished to date considering the after effects of the U.S. recession.

One of our accomplishments included our “Belize Staycation” raffle which was drawn in front of the audience and who were the first to learn of all 11 lucky winners. The grand prize winner: Mr. Gabriel Ake, was surprisingly in attendance and what made his presence more amazing, was the fact that he had purchased the tickets at the very event and had only bought 2; look out for details of all winners and their prizes in the days to come.

Ms. Talia Tillett, BTIA – Membership Administrator/Officer, ended the event by giving the vote of thanks to all event sponsors, those in attendance and to all those who have continually supported our association.

Speech given by BTIA President – Jim Scott at the Bi-Annual General Meeting