30TH BI- AGM FREE AFTERNOON PRESENTATION: The Core Importance of Customer Service from Upper Management to Front Line Staff

The BTIA invites all members to be part of its 30th Bi-Annual General Meeting Afternoon Presentation.


  • Module I: Customer Service Essentials

          Objective- To provide excellent service that exceeds       customer expectations

  1. Who is a Customer?
  2. What is Service?
  3. What is Excellence?
  4. What is Excellent Customer Service?
  5. The 7/11 Rule
  6. Customer Expectations: The Keys to Service
  7. Sins of Service
  8. Essentials of Excellent customer Service
  9. Something to Think about: Some Important Facts About Customer Relations
  10. Ten Commandments of Good Service
  • Module II: Attitude & Professionalism

         Objective- to understand that a good attitude leads to professionalism in the provision of customer service.

  1. What is Professionalism
  2. What is an Attitude
  3. How Attitudes Affect Us
  4. Focusing on Yourself
  5. Ways in Which You Can Show Good Attitude/Professionalism
  6. Maintaining a winning attitude.
  • Module III: Teamwork

             Objective- To Recognize That Teamwork Plays An Essential Role In The Delivery Of Excellent Customer Service

  1. What is teamwork
  2. The team as a jigsaw puzzle
  3. When team work doesn’t work
  4. Team building strategies